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Microphone Sound Editing


Sound Editor - Supervisor




Max Hoskins is a London (UK) based Supervising Sound, Dubbing  and Dialogue editor with over thirty years experience of major film and television productions.


Perfume – GFA Best Sound

9th Company – Golden Eagle

F1 Insight – BAFTA

1612 – Golden Eagle


Some of the companies who've had to put up with Max over the years:


Amazon, BBC, HBO, ITV, Netflix, Channel 4, Disney Pictures, Mammoth Screen, Sister Pictures, Buccaneer Media, Iniquity, Company Pictures, E1 Entertainment, A&E Television, Fragile Films, Figment Films, Vertigo Films, Picture Farm, Working Title, Canal+, Fish Productions, Carousel, Laurentic Films, Fosseway Films, Hal Films, National Theatre, Warner Brothers etc. etc.

And some of the people:

Trevor Nunn, Elton John, Michael Douglas, Ollie Parker, Danny Boyle, Nick Love, Werner Herzog, Andrew Birkin, Rupert Wyatt, Adrian Sturges, Anthony Hickox, Mel Smith, Tom Vaughan, Barnaby Thompson, Athena Rachel, Stella Corradi, Ben Ross, Frank Doelger, David Goyer, Simon Lewis, Ed Fraiman, Colin Teague, Alex Holme, Jim O'Hanlon, Yves Simoneau, Rodolphe Lauga, Kheiron, Nikoly Lebedev, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Sergei Melkumov, Barnaby Thompson, Tom Tyker, Bernd Eichinger, Coky Giedroyc, Zhong Yu, Fred Schepisi, Jake Scott, Lawrence Gordon-Clarke, Josef Rusnak, Vadim Shmelev, Sergei Zhigunov, Vladirmir Khotinenko, Stephen Surjik, Charles Shyer, Bill Naughton, Gill Junger, Patricia Rozema, Timothy Bentinck.          


"Having worked on original and  foreign language versioning for 25 years, I can honestly say that this is an absolute masterpiece. Wow! The voice casting and performances are wonderful. Subtle, clever, engaging and funny! I think they’ll be absolutely delighted."

- Gareth Bull, Formosa, London



Film & TV Work includes:

Midas ManSupervising sound editor

St Trinian's - Supervising sound editor

St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold -Supervising sound editor

The Football Factory - Supervising sound editor

Churchill: The Hollywood Years  -Supervising sound editor

The Village in the Woods - Dialogue & Supervising sound Editor

Alfie - Supervising dialogue editor

Dorian Gray  - Supervising sound editor

Two Days, Nine Lives - Supervising sound editor

The Beach - Supervising dialogue editor

The C Word - Dialogue editor

Da Vinci's Demons (TV Series) - Dialogue editor

Women Talking DirtySupervising Dialogue editor

9th Company - Supervising sound editor

Last Orders - Supervising sound editor

It Runs in the Family - Supervising sound editor

High Heels and Low Lifes - Supervising sound editor

Goodbye Charlie Bright - Supervising sound editor

Mansfield Park - Dialogue editor

An Ideal Husband - Supervising sound editor

The Importance of Being Earnest - Supervising sound editor

The Merchant of Venice  - Supervising dialogue editor

Plunkett & Macleane - Supervising dialogue editor

Trail of the Panda - Supervising sound editor

Dark Planet: Rebellion - Sound effects editor

Apparitions (TV Series) - Supervising sound editor

House of Saddam (TV Series) - Supervising sound editor

1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni - Supervising sound editor

Can You Tell Me The Name of the Prime Minister - Supervising sound Editor

Marcella (TV Series) - Dialogue Editor

Poppy - Dialogue editor

Inhabited Island - Supervising sound Editor

Gallery Girl - Dialogue editor

7 Lives - Dialogue & Sound editor

Way of the Morris - Supervising Sound editor

Basement - Dialogue & Supervising sound Editor

Perfect Life - Supervising sound editor

Hit The Big Time (Short) - Sound editor

I Didn't Do Anything - (Video short) - Supervising Sound editor

It Wasn't Me (Short) - Supervising sound editor

Kod apokalipsisa - Sound producer

I Want Candy - Supervising sound editor

Submerged - Supervising Sound and Dialogue Editor

It's Not My Fault (Short) - Supervising sound editor

Wolfhound - Supervising sound editor

We Are Together (Thina Simunye) (Documentary) - Sound coordinator

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Supervising dialogue editor

Imagine Me & You - Supervising sound editor

The Business - Supervising sound editor

The Karate Dog (TV Movie) - Supervising sound editor

Spivs - Supervising sound editor

Mickybo and Me - Dialogue editor

If Only - Supervising sound editor

Young Kees - Supervising sound editor

Napoléon (TV Mini Series) - Supervising sound editor

9 Dead Gay Guys - Supervising sound editor

A Loving Father - Supervising sound editor)

Steal - Supervising sound editor

The Escapist - ADR editor) / Dialogue editor

Chilly Dogs - Supervising sound editor

Superstition - Supervising sound editor

Touch of the Panda - Supervising Sound Design and Dialogue Editor

5th Execution - Supervising Sound

Apocalypse Code - Supervising Sound

Lessons in Darkness - Supervising Sound and Sound Design

Spice World - Supervising sound editor

Victims - Supervising Dialogue Editor

Love in Paris - Supervising dialogue editor

Welcome to Woop Woop - Supervising dialogue editor

The Cement Garden - Supervising Sound and Sound Design

Fierce Creatures ADR editor

Space Truckers - Dialogue editor

Pie in the Sky (TV Series) - Dubbing editor

On Dangerous Ground (TV Movie) - Dialogue editor

The House That Mary Bought (TV Movie) ADR mixer

The Way to Dusty Death (TV Movie) - ADR editor

Frankie Starlight - Dialogue editor

The Promise - Sound editor

Asterix Conquers America - Sound effects

Space Precinct (TV Series)  -Dialogue editor

Cracker (TV Series)  -Dubbing editor

Der Diamant des Geisterkönigs (TV Movie) - Sound editor

Maurice - Assistant sound editor

Dubbing and Overseas Projects

Escort Boys - (French TV Series) - English dubbing editor

Bihter - (Turkish movie) - English dubbing editor

Take a Chance - (Dutch documentary) - English dubbing editor

Lewandowski - (Polish documentary) - English dubbing editor

Heaven in Hell - (Polish movie) - English dubbing editor

BDE - Fraternity (French movie) - English dubbing editor

Una Gran Voglia di Vivere - Lust for Life (Italian movie) - English dubbing editor

Federica Pellegrini - Underwater (Italian documentary) - English dubbing editor

Ruyanda Gorursun - In Your Dreams (Turkish movie) - English dubbing editor

Sin Limites - Boundless (Spanish movie) - English dubbing editor

El Internado - The Boarding School (Spanish TV Series)- English dubbing editor

Je Te Veux, Moi Non Plus - I Don't Love You Either (French movie) - English dubbing editor

Brutus vs César - (French movie) - English dubbing editor

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Tel: +44 7785 572307

London, England

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